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Another Bargain Spotted! | A Blog for Archery Coaches

Another Bargain Spotted! | A Blog for Archery Coaches

January 31, 2023 · 12:24 pm Pal of this blog site, Ron Kumetz, has actually found another deal on deal at Lancaster Archery, it is the magnificent DVD buddy to Simon Needham's very first book, Archery in Action (

We Get Letters! (Part 1)

Reacting to my ask for subjects you want to understand more about, Joe Seagle sent out in " I want to understand what your ideas are worrying release, if it's done attentively or unconsciously. If it's the latter, what...

Mea Culpa | A Blog for Archery Coaches

November 6, 2022 · 11:19 am When we stopped producing bimonthly problems of Archery Focus publication a year back, I stated offhandedly that I would have more time to publish things on this blog site. Plainly that has actually...

A Problem with Right Fliers

April 13, 2020 · 1:03 pm We are searching for useful concepts for you to pursue "Archery in a Time of Pandemic." (We will be releasing a variety of posts in Archery Focus to this end.) Considering that I...